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New Robots on the Move

Robotic Inguinal Hernia Repair with Mini-Laparoscopy Instruments

Mini-Laparoscopy is defined as surgery with instruments that are 2 – 3 mm in diameter compared to the standard 5-10mm ones.

In recent years, many investigators and surgeons have attempted to further improve on the established technique of laparoscopic surgery. Generally, the goal has been to minimize the invasiveness of this procedure by reducing the number and, more commonly, the size of the operating ports and instruments.

The concept behind minilaparoscopy is that smaller instruments cause less abdominal wall trauma and thus reduce incisionrelated morbidity and minimize pain and the stress response to surgery.

And now robotic technologies give surgeons unprecedented access to the body with minimal cutting,  improving precision,  greatly reducing recovery times and scarring.

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  1. Had my surgery done with the DaVinci, and after 4 days I was able to walk around the track at the gym with no problem 👍

  2. Is this robotic system uses conventional laparoscopic instruments, because the scissor looks like standard monopolar scissors that we used in laparoscopy.

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