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Training and Practice Makes Perfect: Entertaining Way of Learning the Basics of Sinus Lifting Surgery

Impressive Skills and Delicacy

A quick Google search will reveal that there are thousands of quotes about practice. One of the favorite, however, is from Allen Iverson who, when asked a question from a reporter concerning that day’s practice, infamously responded, “We’re talking about practice. We ain’t talking about the game. We’re talking about practice, man.”

Yes we are indeed “talking about practice” and how to effectively practice to improve our surgical skills. It can be difficult for residents to learn surgical skills needed strictly in the OR between work hour limitations, operating room time and budget concerns, and patient safety.

Perhaps the most important portion of every surgery is everything that leads up to the actual procedure.  Ensure that preoperatively you grasp the goals of the operation, the steps of the procedure, but most importantly the anatomy.

A seasoned surgeon once told that surgery is “anatomy, anatomy, anatomy, and the other stuff”. Younger residents may also want to take time with older residents or attendings to ensure that they know how to create a preoperative plan.

Here is a Practical and Entertaining way of learning the Sinus Lifting Surgery on the Egg by Dr. Alibi Maksutov.

Training and Practice: Sinus Lifting Surgery for Dental Implant Preparation

A sinus lift is the procedure that often needs to be performed in preparation for dental implants. This procedure adds bone to an individual’s upper jaw to assure that they have an adequate amount of bone to hold the future dental implants. Essentially, it makes sure that a person has the foundation needed for dental implants to be successful.

Sinus Lifting Surgery training and practicing by modeling the sinus lining with anatomically similar materials.  An Eggshell Membrane (ESM) was affixed to mimic the sinus membrane.

This entertaining  model can be used for training on the practical aspects of Sinus Lifting Surgery and allows to learn and practice Sinus Lifting surgeries before they take on real patients.

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