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Ear Reduction to Reduce Large Ear Lobes (Macrotia)

Earlobe Reduction with Minimally Visible Scars


Many patients feel that their ears are too big. Macrotia is the the medical term for ears which are physically too large when they are measured.  Ears can be made smaller at the upper poles (the tops), or at the ear lobes or both.  This surgery is called ear reduction or macrotia surgery.

Macrotia or the large ear is a very different surgery from that of the more common protruding ear. It is a problem caused by tissue excess having an exaggerated vertical height to the ear. The traditional vertical ear height is around 60mms with slightly more being acceptable for men and slightly less for women. When the vertical ear height exceeds 70mms it is always seen as too big or too long.

Ear Reduction Surgery (Macrotia Surgery)

Macrotia surgery, unlike setback otoplasty, requires tissue removal. From the bottom of the ear, the earlobe can be vertically reduced by wedge excision. The top of the ear is more challenging as it is composed of cartilage and there is no place to completely hide the reduction incisions.

The earlobe scars along the rim were imperceptible. The only visible scar from the scaphal-conchal reduction was across the central helical rim with a fine line scar.

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