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Effective, Simple and Fast Way of Laparoscopic Port Closure for Trocar Site Hernia Prevention

Intuitively useful surgical tool that enables precise, repeatable port site closure especially on challenging overweight and obese patients.

Carter-Thomason has a Suture Guide that is engineered to ensure full fascial and port closure, including peritoneum, on any body type for prevention of trocar site hernia. Carter-Thomason Suture Guide passes directly through the trocar to precisely follow the port site track.

This approach maintains pneumoperitoneum, and ensures accurate placement of the suture passer for consistent and reproducible results with every closure and prevent trocar site hernia formation.

Technique of Laparoscopic Port Closure

After inserting the suture guide through the trocar and deploying the retractable anchoring wings below the peritoneum, surgeons can also create countertraction on the anterior abdominal wall with a slight upward pulling motion.

This allows to port closure system more working area in the abdominal cavity, and provides a better approximation of tissue.

The Carter-Thomason port closure system is designed to prevent port site herniation, a potential complication of minimally invasive surgeries.

The device can be efficiently utilized at the completion of laparoscopic procedures including gynecology, urology, general and colorectal surgeries. Carter-Thomason is engineered to help surgeons quickly, safely and confidently close the fascia in more challenging obese patients.

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