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FlexDex: Articulated Laparoscopic Instrument That Moves Like Robot

Articulated Laparoscopic Device that Moves Like Robot and Precisely Translates the Surgeon’s Hand, Wrist, and Arm Movements Inside the Patient’s Body.

Articulating laparoscopic instruments is designed to provide the user with fully articulating, wristed motion during laparoscopic surgery. The instruments are constructed with a handle controlling opening and closing, and the wrist controlling the articulating instrument head.

FlexDex MIS Platform

FlexDex’s platform technology precisely translates the surgeon’s hand, wrist, and arm movements from outside the patient into corresponding movements of an end-effector inside the patient’s body.

Based on a simple, purely mechanical, and affordable design, this device greatly enhances the capabilities of minimally invasive surgical (MIS) instruments.

The double-joint structure of the FlexDex end-effector allows the instrument to move with 360 degrees of freedom and provides control not available with conventional laparoscopic instruments. The current instrument lineup includes a needle holder.

It is well established that the learning curve for laparoscopy is higher than for robotic surgery and instruments like the Flexdex may help to bridge this difference.

Giving providers a chance to utilize a more intuitive laparoscopic instrument may ensure a higher level of comfort and the ability to provide minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

The instrument may provide an alternative to the surgeon that is both more intuitive to use than traditional laparoscopy and delivers robotic precision in surgical procedures at significantly lower costs.

About FlexDex Inc.

FlexDex is an innovative medical device company that has developed a platform technology to provide surgeons with high performance and cost effective minimally invasive surgical instruments. The Company’s focus is to enable advanced minimally invasive procedures with greater precision and efficiency bringing the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to patients throughout the world. FlexDex was developed at the University of Michigan by co-founders Shorya Awtar, Sc.D., James Geiger, MD and Greg Bowles. This platform technology enables highly intuitive, one-to-one mapping of the surgeon’s arm and hand motions to the articulating instrument inside the patient’s body. The patented “Virtual Center” of the FlexDex platform is a simple mechanical design that, we believe, will greatly enhance the capabilities of all Minimally Invasive Surgical (MIS) instruments. The FlexDex Needle Driver, the first instrument of the FlexDex platform, has been granted the CE mark and is available for sale in the United States and internationally.

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