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World’s First Clinically Available Microsurgical Robotic System: Super-Microsurgery with ‘Robot Hands.’

Microsurgical Robotic System

MUSA is the world’s first microsurgical robotic system for open microsurgery. This robotic assistant is clinically and commercially available after the medical device CE-mark was issued by notified body DEKRA recently.

Microsure’s MUSA robotic system is developed by a team of microsurgeons and engineers, creating a high-precision robotic assistant that is compatible with current operating techniques, workflow, instruments, and other OR equipment.

It enhances microsurgical performance by stabilizing and scaling down the surgeon’s movements during complex microsurgical procedures on the sub-millimeter scale.

Microsure’s MUSA microsurgical robotic system  enables lymphatic surgery on lymph vessels smaller than 0.3 mm in diameter. Plastic surgeons at Maastricht University Medical Center+ were the first to use MUSA to surgically treat lymphedema in a patient.

Microsurgery procedures with MUSA

Surgical procedures that maximally benefit from Microsure’s MUSA are complex surgeries on small tissue structures –for instance LVA (Lymphovenous Anastomosis) surgery, pediatric vascular surgery, free flap surgery, finger, and hand replantation – when human precision is the limiting factor because of physiological tremor, poor accessibility or fatigue. Various studies and pilots have proven safe and effective clinical use of the device.

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